Time out



Run time: 01:34:00

Director: Matti Kinnunen

Film Synopsis

Time Out is a comedy-drama set in the harsh landscape of the cold Nordic winter. It is a story about a father and a son, Harri and Simo, who move into the small village of Harmaaketo, which consists of little more than a church, a cemetery and a school – and snow, as far as the eye can see. The local villagers are steeped in envy, their small social circles and the cold climate, all with a pretty twisted perspective on life. Harri, who has had to leave his priestly office and his wife behind in his old home town, must now find a new direction in life. But little by little, the brooding mood of the village, along with Harri’s pride and shame about his past, start to build up and prevent him from finding his way. At the same time, Simo gets into trouble at his new school, and all hope seems to be lost. Do you really have to hit rock bottom before you can start building something new?