The Omusinde(The Boy)



Run time: 01:04:06

Director: Zziwa Aaron Alone


Film Synopsis

Sebastian going through rough times with his girlfriend Ellie who cheats on him with his friends tom, Sebastian dad is sick with stroke in cologne hospital and later his dad reveals to him ,his mother is still alive and living in Africa ,Sebastian cuts short his trip to Paris and goes to Africa to look for his mother with out his dad permission after discovering his mother is a live ,he fall in trouble by loving a woman of a tough village son of a chief which is prohibited to fall in love for a woman with having performed Imbalu "circumcision" cultural practiced which is a passage from being a boy to become a man every man who has never done imbalu still remains a boy and never given privilege of marrying and decision making . and went against the cultural values when he refused to be circumcised.