The Legend of Liu Yi



Run time: 00:27:05

Director: Deng Yuan/Pan Jun

Film Synopsis

This film is adapted from the Chinese Mythology ‘ Liu Yi and the Dragon Princess’.

After 10 years studying in Xiaoxiang,the student,Liu Yi went to the northern capital city,which is far from his home,for the examination.

During the his trip,he occasinally met a shepherdess who was seriously sick.In fact,she is the princess of the Dongting Lake in Hunan and was married to the Dragon King of the Jinghe River.But the husband is an evil, so that the princess suffered years of physical abuse and was in danger now.Liu Yi determined to help her though he must give up his examination. He immediately returned southwards to send the rescue letter from her.The Dragon King of The Dongting Lake received the letter,the he ordered his soldiers to save his daughter.After that,the princess resumed the beauty.In order to express her appreciation for what Liu Yi had done,the princess wanted to devote herself to him so that Liu Yi could enjoy the fame and fortune which is belong to the princess. However, Liu Yi refused it, and returned to his hometown to serve his aged mother.Liu Yi’s attitude made the princess much admired him. Then the princess transform herself as a normal fisherman's daughter. She went to Liu Yi's hometown and help the people by her own way, that moved Liu Yi. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the couple of pair of kindness people are happily married beside the beautiful Dongting Lake.